19th Oct, The first Council of the second session of ECCC (The Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee, China Electronics Chamber of Commerce) was held successfully in Shenzhen. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Lin Hanzhong, Deputy Secretary-General of the CECC (China Electronic Chamber of Commerce), and Mr. Ao weinuo, Secretary-General of the ECCC. It mainly covers the working report of the first session of the ECCC, voting for the election of the president, the executive vice-president and secretary-general for the second session of the ECCC, the handover ceremony of the new and old presidents, the speech of the newly elected president, and to deliberate on the main work of the second session of the ECCC.

Mrs. Huang, Chairman of Shenzhen GreenSound Technology Co., Ltd. and former executive vice-president of ECCC attended the meeting.

After the secret ballot of all the delegates, Mr. Yao, Chairman of HangSen Group, was elected as the new president. And Mr. Ao Weinuo was elected as the new Secretary-General.
Congratulations to Shenzhen GreenSound Technology Co., Ltd. for succession to the new standing director unit and Mrs. Huang on her appointment as executive vice-president of ECCC.

The end of the meeting showed the formal completion of the transition between new and old leadership of the ECCC. The committee said that under the new leading group, and with the support of all members, it would carry forward and create new splendor. And they will continue to play an active role in further publicizing and implementing relevant government policies and regulations on vaping industry, advocating business self-discipline, protecting minors, protecting intellectual property rights, and encouraging independent innovation, so that China will not only export vaping products to the international market, but also keep in line with the international quality standards or even exceed, to maintain the international competitiveness of China’s vaping industry, and to assist Chinese government to effectively regulate the healthy and orderly development of e-cigarette industry.

As the new standing director unit, GreenSound will adhere to the core values of “National interest and consumer interest come first”. And be self-discipline and self-cultivation, pragmatic and rigorous, protect minors, value product innovation, firmly believe that quality represents the brand, and help the development of vaping industry be more standardized and sustainable. And with a positive and healthy image, GreenSound always strives to develop the international market, keep on internationalized standard quality, and make greater contributions to the development of the competitiveness of China's e-cigarette industry in the international market.