On the evening of Jan 8th, 2022, the annual meeting and 10th-anniversary celebration of Shenzhen GreenSound Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the 3A banquet hall of Marriott Hotel in Shenzhen. Ms. Huang Guihua, chairman of GreenSound, and all the staff attended the celebration party. There are leaders, friends, and partners in the industry also participating in the party.

In the beginning, Ms. Huang Guihua delivered a sincere and affectionate speech. She said:" In the last ten years, we developed from a team of more than 20 people, when established in 2011, to a scale of nearly 1,000 staff today. It's been rough all the way. GreenSound has seized the opportunity many times and achieved rapid development in all aspects." She particularly highlighted the results achieved in 2021, that Greensound relocated a new factory with a total production area of 20,000 square meters and continuously improved our international competitiveness in terms of hardware and software, and finally, GreenSound's products have been hot-sold in more than 40 countries overseas. Ms. Huang also appreciated the support from all of the leaders, friends, and partners. Especially she sincerely said thanks to every staff and invited them to participate in the next decade development of GreenSound to create their future.

Then, Eason, the president of GreenSound, delivered a speech. Firstly, he expressed his gratitude to the two founders of GreenSound, Mr. Huang and Mr. Jin, and said: "It is your unpretentious entrepreneurial spirit that has been leading Green's development in the past ten years. Thanks for believing when we are confused. Thanks for your kindness during the tough period. These are GreenSound's most valuable wealth, driving our growth, and have been passed down." As GreenSound has been developing for over ten years, Eason said, "Ten years is a long period of life, which is a test and training for both companies and individuals. As one of vaping companies, which entered the industry earlier, GreenSound has experienced the budding, barbaric growth, and the current standard development." Meanwhile he mentioned the bold forward viewpoint, said by the founder, Mr. Jin, in the early days of GreenSound's establishment, "e-cigarettes will change the smoking habits of consumers around the world."

Ten years is a very important journey for both companies and individuals. In the past ten years, GreenSound has encountered many challenges and experienced countless changes. With its unyielding spirit and determination to work hard, it has finally gained valuable experience and great results. Eason made a summary and said:” To achieve steady growth in the past two years, we insist on the idea that sales come from a deep understanding of the market, and R&D comes from knowledge about user needs and products. 

In the end, he said: "In the future, we are more willing to slow down and move steadily. We will look at everything from ten years as a unit of time. To be friends with time, to do things based on long-term value."

After the speeches of several important leaders, the awarding ceremony, celebration ceremony, and toast ceremony were held in turn. Afterward, there were customer blessing videos, employee performances, lottery activities, etc.

Awards: "Excellent Team Award", "Excellent Management Award", "Excellent Junior Management Award", "Excellent Development Award", "Best Newcomer Award", "Dedication Award", "Excellent Employee Award".

The banquet ended in a joyful atmosphere. GreenSound was wished to become like a long and winding river in the next decade, flowing through the beautiful life of consumers around the world, and heading towards the oceans of stars that everyone yearns for. May every GreenSound staff has a bright future.