As disposable vaping devices can take on different forms, and are portable, stealth with numerous flavors to choose from. They are getting popular among vapers this year and will have a big breakout. Especially in the US and Russia. There is still a fast growing market in the Middle East, South America, and the UK. It will be a big chance to set up your own disposable vaping brand.

GreenSound OEM disposable vaping

Then why not work with Green Sound?

With more than 11 years Vaping products OEM&ODM experience, Green Sound could provide one-stop service, including R&D, sampling, testing, production, quality control and marketing materials, etc.

1.Successful Experience

Green Sound has been engaged in the e-cigarette industry for over 11 years, and worked with more than 8612 customers. In total 2435 projects successfully were completed, and service hours reached 33,000 hours, which have laid a solid and reliable foundation for Green Sound.

2.R&D Strength

Green Sound also has high ability in R&D. we have over 40 R&D engineers, including project engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, material engineers, testing engineers, tobacco specialists, and flavorist. And we invest over a 1.5million dollars in R&D each year.

GreenSound R&D

3.Intelligent Production

Green Sound has a workshop of 10,000 square meters, which implements ISO9001 and GMP820 quality management system, to make it GMP 100,000 level dust-free. The workshop is also equipped with high-end automated production equipment and an intelligent and information production system. Now the daily output of more than 50,000 sets.

GreenSound Vaping Production

4.Quality Control

Green Sound set up an independent quality management department, including over 50 staffs and a professional testing laboratory. There are over 50 sets of testing equipment and experimental equipment in the Labs. We always have 58 testing procedures, from raw materials, production to finished products, and implement trace-ability records throughout the inspection.

GreenSound Quality Control

5.Professional services

There is a strong sales and marketing team in Green Sound, to provide a fast and efficient response to your needs, and targeted project plan, including product development, raw material procurement, production, quality control, and marketing materials.

OEM&ODM Process

GreenSound OEM/ODM process

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