New Location

In January 2021, we moved into a new production location at yong.Green Sound invested more than 10 million dollars on facility upgrades and renovation, in order to achieve better production standards and fulfill international qualifications.

GreenSound Tech

New Facility

The new facility includes 2 buildings with over 60,000 square feet for R&D, production, testing, Labs, warehouse, and office. Currently, there are about 1000 staff on-site, and workshops can produce more than 100,000 pieces of vaping device daily.

GreenSound Factory

Intelligent Factory

To keep up with the China intelligent production, Green Sound formed a modern manufacturing center integrating 100,000 level dust-free workshop, MES intelligent supply chain management system, automatic production equipment, and traceable quality control of full-process.

ISO9001 & GMP820

At new workshops, we implement both ISO9001 and GMP820 quality management systems. Enduring strict 5S standard management, staffs are required to wear dust-free clothing, sanitize hands, and remove dust in the air shower before entering the workshop, to ensure the cleanliness of the production process.

GreenSound Workshop


From the production of components and quality inspection of the complete device, more than 80% of the production processes are fully automatic. We provide service of both OEM and ODM for customers around the world.

GreenSound Vape production


Green Sound has over 40 R&D engineers, including project engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, material engineers, testing engineers, tobacco specialists, and flavorist. And we invest over a 1.5million dollars in R&D each year.

GreenSound Vape design

Internationalized Product Standard

We take U.S. FDA's PMTA as standard to bring users superior quality and better experience around the world. Green Sound vape products already obtained UL, FCC, CE, ROHS, KC, and other international product certifications.

Quality Control

Now, Green Sound has an independent testing laboratory and a dedicated quality management department. It is also equipped with sophisticated testing instruments to ensure fine control of incoming materials, production, and instruments. Each product has been inspected carefully by the Quality Department to ensure zero defective rates.

GreenSound Quality Control

There is more than 50 new high-tech intelligent equipment and quality control team of more than 50 people to control incoming materials, production and finished products, adopting 58 inspection procedures to check every little detail.

Overseas Branches

Green Sound has established overseas branches in the US, UK, Malaysia, South Korea, and other countries, and continues to expand its global network and business. Our products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Green Sound has always adhered to the development concept of "specialization" and is committed to providing high-quality products and services to global distributors and consumers.

GreenSound Oversea Branches

CECC Executive Vice President

Green Sound is currently the executive vice president of the Chinese Electronics Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee and participated in drafting Production Standard T/CEEE 1-2017.

CECC and GreenSound

Green Sound History

Green Sound High-Tech Co., Ltd was founded in 2009 by a Korean engineer Mr. Jin and senior technical experts from China, and then formally established in 2011, focusing on product research, production, and sales in the e-cigarette industry.

Before 2014, the company focused on foreign trade and provided customized processing services for many world-class brands such as Lotte Korea. In 2015, we established our independent brand "Green Sound”. And then in 2016, we started to enter the Taobao market store to face the end retail consumers independently. In 2017, the flagship store of the brand Tmall began to operate, and in the same year, it was rated as one of the top ten e-cigarette brands.

GreenSound Old Factory