At 11:00 a.m. on September 16, the CECC (the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce) released two Group Standards on, “General specification for electronic vapor devices” and “Technical Specification for the Safety of E-liquids”.

the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce

It shows that “General specification for electronic vapor devices” and “Technical Specification for the Safety of E-liquids” have been officially approved as the group standard of CECC, separately with the serial numbers T/CECC 001-2021 and T/CECC 002-2021.

They will respectively guide and supervise the production, test, and inspection of the vaping device and E-liquid. It will not only be useful to improve product quality and safety, to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, but also protect minors and enhance China’s international competitiveness in this industry. This will play a positive role in the regulation and healthy development of the e-cigarette industry.

“General specification for electronic vapor devices”

General specification for electronic vapor devices

“General specification for electronic vapor devices” was set up mainly for the Chinese E-cigarette industry, but is in line with international standards, scientific, reasonable, feasible, and forward-looking.

As one of the standard drafting units, GreenSound Tech has worked together with more than 40 drafting units for half a year. On August 27, the ECCC held a review meeting on “General specification for electronic vapor devices”. As the executive vice-president of ECCC, Mrs. Huang, who is the chairman of GreenSound Tech, also attended the judging session.

High standards, Strict requirements

With the continuous optimization of technology and materials and upgrading of product and appearance, the vaping industry has been in a state of fast development. We look forward to a more authoritative and standardized standard. GreenSound has to work harder, not only to strictly implement the standards but also to adhere to the forefront of the industry.

Internationalized Standards

The intelligent factory of GreenSound has already been ISO9001 and GMP820 system certificated. And the products have passed UL, KC, TPD, CE, and ROHS certifications. Meanwhile, GreenSound set up a more safe and reliable quality standard according to American PMTA standards.

GreenSound PMTA

Production Environment

There is a GMP 100,000-grade dust-free workshop in GreenSound, which implements a double quality management system of ISO9001 and GMP820, and 5S management standards. Before entering the production area, staff have to do hand disinfection, go through the air shower room to dust removal, and wear dust-free clothing, to ensure that the whole process of product production is clean and sanitary.

GreenSound Factory

Quality Control

GreenSound factory has set up an independent quality management department and testing Laboratory, with a quality control team of more than 50 professionals, and more than 50 high-tech intelligent testing equipment and sophisticated experimental instruments in the Labs. There will be 58 testing procedures from raw materials detection to finished product shipment. Each link is repeatedly and carefully measured to ensure that the product “0” defects.

GreenSound Quality Control

Quality Management Process

Using an intelligent quality control system and real-time monitoring of each production process, makes the information of each stage detailed and traceable, to ensure that products meet international quality standards.